We want to help drive corporate strategy and thinking down to a process level so that  'ordinary' people know how to do their jobs and perform to the highest standards. The result is an organisation with insight, impact and integrity, that can recognise and deal with change in a systematic and sustainable way.

Strategy is the journey not the destination. Double Ewe was set up to fill a gap that occurs in a surprising number of organisations. Marketing is so often perceived as just the lead generation and communications department. Empowerment and responsibility for anything with the word 'strategic' in is considered to be the remit of important people and sometimes they are too busy fighting fires to do it justice.

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What's in a name?

  • /dub'l-u/: is the twenty-third letter of the modern English alphabet and is derived from a double u to express the voiced consonantal sound heard at the beginning of the word 'wow'.

    Say it slowly.

  • is short for watt - the SI unit of power

  • is the chemical symbol for Tungsten (which used to be important for shedding light on things).

    Very illuminating

  • is used to denote the fall of a wicket when scoring in cricket.

    How's that?

  • W is the only letter of the alphabet with more than one syllable.


  • The word double-ewe is sometimes used as web long hand for the letter W; usually to avoid censorship when writing the three letter acronym, WTF.

    (Not that we would)

Why do acquisitions fail?

The single most often stated factor is poor integration. Where solutions exist, they vary, but most place the effort post-acquisition. So you might ask, all that financial due diligence and legal effort to define the asset and agree a valuation is worth what?

So how about improving the odds and doing the meaningful work up front? You could call it Non-financial due diligence.