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Double Ewe works primarily with Information Technology companies - particularly in enterprise software and professional services. The individuals we work with span across the senior management team, especially the CMO, Sales director, CTO and divisional heads. We also work for and through PR, design and marketing service providers.

Industry knowledge is strong in:

  • Finance, Banking and Insurance
  • Public Sector (Government, Healthcare and Education)
  • Telco, Media and Entertainment
  • Retail
  • Construction
  • Travel

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Here is a brief overview of some of our clients. Please click each name to reveal the text...


Double Ewe has a long-standing relationship with AKA - working on joint propositions and delivering sales integration, messaging and proposition development to a range of clients in education, medical devices and museums. AKA is the thinking man's design agency with an exemplary track record for delivering very high quality design that works for every occasion.

Iceman Media

Iceman Media provides, Openstore, a fully scalable, media and workflow management system with unsurpassed ingest performance and capability to Sweden's largest and most innovative news media businesses, including The Schibsted Group, Bonnier Group and Swedish TV company, SVT. Double Ewe is engaged in positioning the business for growth outside Sweden. Work involves strategic marketing, alliances, business development and investor relations.


Global collaboration services provider for audio and web conferencing and webinars. Our work with the Arkadin sales and marketing teams was based in Paris, France and extended throughout Europe, North America and Asia Pacific. Focus was on defining and developing a global value proposition, then identifying and closing the gaps between this and the experiences of stakeholders around the world. This was not just about creating consistent perceptions, but about unifying business processes and creating a consistent operating platform for doing better business.

Maillot Jaune Communications

Maillot Jaune Communications are experts in technology press relations. As a new company they had a powerful brand idea but needed to take a strong metaphor and develop a more tangible and realistic story for a communications company that would also influence working practices and help govern behaviour. Double Ewe facilitated a one day workshop resulting in a set of ideas that now differentiate MJ in the way it communicates and in the way it successfully delivers 'performance enhancing pr' with credibility and relevance.

Bell Micro

Following a sales and marketing reorganisation, Double Ewe was involved in divisional level workshops with direct and channel sales, alliances and marketing communications teams with Bell Micro in the UK. The output was a set of reports defining audience definition and character, ideal customer profiles, industry trends, competitive positioning and messaging strategies, the proposition and how to drive it through all disciplines to deliver without creating perception gaps.

Haslemere Travel

Haslemere Travel is a highly successful independent travel agent playing an active role in the development and at the same time, the security, of their industry. They made some bold moves in modernising their corporate identity and revolutionised the way that they sold over the counter, but their sales strategy still relied completely on face to face interactions with consumers visiting their high street retail space. Double Ewe provided a sounding board and consultancy to help shape a static online presence into a nurturing relationship that engages, intrigues and draws customers to speak to a travel expert. People buy people.

Other clients

What's in a name?

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Why do acquisitions fail?

The single most often stated factor is poor integration. Where solutions exist, they vary, but most place the effort post-acquisition. So you might ask, all that financial due diligence and legal effort to define the asset and agree a valuation is worth what?

So how about improving the odds and doing the meaningful work up front? You could call it Non-financial due diligence.