• Audience services with insight
  • Proposition development with impact
  • Delivery with business integrity
  • For sustainable relationships that last

Who is the customer?

How saying what you do and doing what you say influences customers, partners, staff and investors alike, and has a direct impact on the bottom line.


The company was struggling against global competitors with stronger brand recognition. It had forgotten how to innovate and was failing to make itself heard even amongst its more loyal clients and even when it had a good story to tell.
  • Customer attrition
  • Battle-weary and reactive technical direction
  • Bean-counting culture
  • Lack of leadership


The initial brief was to understand why some of the company's biggest and best customers were going elsewhere. Subsequent agreed objectives were to:
  • Understand the buying audience
  • Understand their industries better
  • Identify the perceptions and aspirations of the target audience
  • Assess these against the operational reality
  • and Close the gaps


The programme we devised consisted of an independent and anonymous survey of recently lost clients to discover what had changed. Based on the evidence we found, follow-up work revolved around:
  • audience analysis
  • path to purchase research and analysis
  • finance industry requirements analysis and concept validation
  • messaging


Remedial output required internal management as well as liaison with other third party suppliers in project management, press relations, inbound marketing and technology. Specifically, this incorporated:

  • Validation of development plans
  • Validation of marketing communications concepts, plans and collateral
  • 120 documented client interviews
  • Qualitative business process information and analysis
  • Quantitative requirements data and analysis
  • PR and Inbound Marketing agency briefings


Our interventions and recommendations has lead to:

  • Increased investment and accelerated development plans
  • Industry issues and trends-driven PR
  • Business buyer focussed inbound marketing programme
    • audience persona development
    • business requirements-driven content
  • Sales database improvements
  • New corporate positioning
  • One strategic acquisition


New found:
  • Direction
  • Focus
  • Motivation
  • Customer engagement
  • Growth


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Why do acquisitions fail?

The single most often stated factor is poor integration. Where solutions exist, they vary, but most place the effort post-acquisition. So you might ask, all that financial due diligence and legal effort to define the asset and agree a valuation is worth what?

So how about improving the odds and doing the meaningful work up front? You could call it Non-financial due diligence.